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HeartFeather™ Educational Services

The need for human embodiment of Maat, truth, justice and righteousness in the wisdom tradition of African deep thought has never been greater as the planet and all life upon it has been pushed to the brink of destruction, as deception, injustice, and materialism embedded systems of dehumanization are pervasive.

The fragmented, sub optimal mindset of racism has the potential of cutting off access to the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding essential to uplifting humanity from this sunken place. A comprehensive, cohesive, coherent optimal mindset capable of individual and collective healing is available to transform lives, restore peace, mend spiritual alienation, and promote sustainable well being. The power to optimize our experience always exists within us, our aim is to facilitate access and offer ongoing support.

Dr. Linda James Myers, provides HeartFeather™ educational services in human development and relations, including training, coaching, and consulting based upon her work developing Optimal Psychology methodology. HeartFeather™ is about creating space for moral and spiritual development, transformational leadership, and integrative sustainable well being. Optimal Psychology (OP), also known as Optimal Conceptual Theory (OCT), emphasizes overcoming fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, addictions, and engendering self love and self knowledge, healing movement toward higher consciousness. The amelioration of the root causes of racism, sexism, classism, internalized oppression, and other societal maladies are made possible through illumination of the soul and holistic respect and appreciation of ancient cultural grounding and unity consciousness. 

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