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An optimal worldview emphasizes
the interrelatedness of
all living people and things.

The theory of optimal psychology can help move society towards eradicating inequity.

The first of its kind to use a cultural lens established in classical African civilization and spread across the globe in the wisdom tradition of African deep thought as the basis for the theoretical framework, Optimal Psychology, also known as Optimal Conceptual Theory (OCT), expands our capacity to embrace a truly comprehensive understanding of humanity by going to back our earliest historical records and bringing forward insights relevant for escape from today’s current morass. 

The cultural rootedness of this feat becomes even more relevant as we follow the science through the most current biogenetic, linguistic, archeological, and anthropological evidence to the realization that Africa is the birthplace of all human culture and civilization (Bynum, 1999). In addition, this cultural frame of reference promotes the higher stages of human development and how to achieve them. It also reflects the heights of knowledge around which all cultural groups now converge, from quantum physics and neuroscience to so-called Eastern philosophies. 

The Euro-western cultural worldview prevailing in this society and proliferated globally has been central in creating the current state of affairs and crises currently facing humanity. The challenges facing humanity require careful examination from a cultural frame of reference capable of offering holistic, integrative, cohesive, coherent analyses contributing to the production of moral grounding and psychological knowledge leading to wisdom and viable solutions to the problems of life, OCT has demonstrated such capacity. 

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