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The Necessity of an Emic Paradigm in Psychology

This article provides an overview of developments in the field of Black/ Africana/Pan African psychology over the past 50 years. It has evolved toward the production of psychological knowledge grounded in an emic cultural paradigm consistent with the understandings emerging from classical African civilization and across the Diaspora.

Alternate Cultural Paradigms in Psychology: Long Overdue Recognition and Further Articulations

Many ethnic-acknowledging psychology researchers, practitioners, and their allies have expressed dissatisfaction with Euro western, mainstream psychology in the United States as it shows serious shortcomings when used to understand and serve minoritized communities.

Optimal Theory’s Contributions to Understanding and Surmounting Global Challenges to Humanity

In this article, we discuss challenges to and the triumphs of the production of psychological knowledge pertinent to human health and sustainable wellbeing, particularly as it relates to persons acknowledging African ancestry in hostile sociohistorical contexts.

Cultural Insights for Redemption of America

This 2022 opinion piece describes the power for perseverance and resilience in an optimal worldview model.


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