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For those who would say that we do not know what happened in the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman interaction, please tell them to stop, based on the facts we do know. GZ followed a minor that he had profiled, though he was told by the 911 authorities they did not need him to do so. GZ continues to stalk the African American male minor, who reportedly finds GZ ‘creepy’, GZ eventually shoots and kills Trayvon. GZ was the aggressor from the beginning to the end, yet his claim in the trial is ‘self-defense’ and he is found not guilty. This kind of racism, absurdity, and travesty in the US legal system has historically been a common part of the Black experience, in part because it is a legal system, not a justice system.

The question is not whether this case is about race, the point is that it is clearly about racism, the system of assigning value and allocating opportunity based on how one looks (i.e., skin color), which privileges one group and disadvantages another. We must ensure that the Department of Justice understands crux of the issue not as race, but racism, and knows the Center for Disease Control’s definition of racism per above. Black America it is time to “stand your ground” in the name of truth, justice, and righteousness. We Black, African Americans were the moral and spiritual leadership that moved this nation toward increased civil rights for all several decades ago, it is now imperative that we act again on our own behalf and that of our children…We must continue to organize and act so that the Department of Justice and President Obama have no choice but to try to put in place the necessary policies and practices to stop Black genocide due to racism in all of its forms– structural, personal, and internalized…the ancestors will be pleased…

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