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Greetings, my FaceBook Nation Friends

Greetings, my FaceBook Nation Friends,

I recently learned my first book, although a classic text, is selling on Amazon for outrageous prices ranging from $595-$1,575 per copy. Although I am honored and humbled that someone would pay that much, I have no idea who is trying to bilk the market with such extreme pricing. Please know that you can buy the book direct from the publisher from the links above and below for $30.

Below I a brief summary of the book, but in a nutshell it is about how to achieve sanity and health in an insane, sick, pathological society. For those interested in improving their own mental health as Black people in a white supremacist society/world and those of family and friends, this book will provide clarity regarding how our ancestors made it when the intention was that they not. Learn how they were able with their cultural strengths to emerge as the moral and spiritual leaders of the movement for civil rights for all after enduring over 250 years of the worst enslavement and systems of dehumanization ever practiced in the history of humankind. Why? Because we are currently being called upon to do the same and this book teaches you how. Look for my audio reading of the book in dedication to Dr. John Henry Clarke in the next few weeks.

Understanding an Afrocentric World View: Introduction to an Optimal Psychology stands as a groundbreaking and timeless classic in the field of Africana Studies, Psychology, and Human Development. Its reverberating in-depth analysis of and prescriptive cure for racism and other societal isms identifies the essential factors at their core and how to change them. Dr. Linda James Myers provides rare insights into social forces behind the systemic racism that have been with us for over 400 years. Her time tested Optimal Conceptual Theory and its corollary psychotherapeutic strategies unearth the characteristics of the suboptimal mindset that keeps us trapped in the vicious pattern of oppressive injustice that is harmful to ourselves as well as others, and its optimal alternative. Unlike other treatise on the subject, James Myers offers readers the tools and developmental processes for making the shift in consciousness needed for improving the quality of their own lives and for creating a just, sacred, and sustainable world. Her comprehensive holistic and integrative approach reflects a Black cultural perspective seldom heard, but proven effective and traceable to the beginnings of all human culture and civilization.

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